Rooms are not free asshole!

Oh My Goddess!!! I am sooo tired of idiot/douche bags!!! Today we had another amazing event occur. Why is it that people who have a common name will only put their first and last names when they makes reservations, like they are the only ones that could be staying there? Add your middle initial or something!!! Yes, 9 times out of then the issue is that the agent just isn’t paying enough attention to the city or type of reservation ect, but help us out a little! Anyway, this uber-douche checked in and later we found out that there was more than one John Doe in the system who had the same arrival and departure dates, so we were unsure of who was really where. Later on, John Doe number one changes rooms. All is fine and dandy until we find out from hskp that uber-douche is occupying 2 rooms. Yes he changed rooms but he never moved out of the first one!! Thanks a lot! This created a rather large crisis. Bridget and I went to check two of the rooms and found that both were occupied. One room by a John Doe + Joe Doe, and the second by a John Doe + Sam Smith. After coming back from the room check I changed the room out and had Bridget go back and check the other room that was on the reservation. Bridget encountered John M Doe. She spoke to him and we found that Jane Bitch lost her dress during the room change and was bitching to Bridget endlessly (which we found out later that she was already told to go to security and report it by Freyr). Bridget reiterated once again, as we always have to do with our amazingly stupid guests, that she must go to security and report it. Jane Bitch had already come down to the desk just beforehand and was complaining about everything under the sun since the time she had checked in, up until now, to Freyr. She had, like a dumb-ass, left her dress in the previous room and somehow that was our fault, as usual. Another guest had already checked in to the old room which means housekeeping had gone and cleaned the room and if there was anything left behind it would be sent to security, which Freyr explained to Ms. Bitch. She continued to complain and kept saying that “she worked at a 5 star hotel” and “this shit would not fly” and Freyr continued to explain to her over and over again, because she apparently was hard of hearing, that she needed to go to security. Finally she twitched away as Freyr was still talking. Hopefully her swimsuit doesn’t disintegrate from her acidy spit when she talks. So now we find that both John Doe’s have room changed. Luckily through my uber-amazing research skills I found that John M. Doe actually completed his room change unlike uber-douche John Doe which is now occupying two rooms. And both of the additional names were on Douche Doe’s reservation. Hence, “uber-douche“. I called and spoke to John M Doe to verify the rooms he had visited and asked if he knew either of the additional names, and as I suspected he did not and was never in the other room that Douche Doe is occupying. So Freyr and I go back to the original room that uber-douche was in and verified the names as John “uber-douche” Doe and Sam Smith. I then spoke to the manager and upon his approval called Douche Doe and left a voicemail explaining that he will be charged $200+tx for the second reservation since he is occupying two rooms.

Morrigan, Bridget, Freyr


Today I Saw The Funniest Thing!!

So, I was driving out of the parking garage today and this guy walked across in front of me with his friend. As he walked by I had to do a double take. I studied him for several seconds and then broke out in hysterical laughter. This guy looked exactly like the guy from The Hangover. Oh My Goddess!! From the khaki pants with the brown belt, to the shirt that looked very similar to or possibly even the same one as in the movie. He was also wearing the ever famous brown “satchel”!! He even had the same hair with the full beard and the sunglasses!!! Seriously!!! The only thing he was missing was the baby! I swear to you he looked like he had just walked off the set from the movie it was insane!! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

I just wanted to share that with you!! We will be writing more very soon!!
FYI the goal is to have at least 2-3+ posts a week so make sure to keep checking back for more and more to come!


Photos below from The Hangover

General Knowledge For New or Returning Guests

Hello all!!  Ahhh, where to start!!  There are so many things to tell you!! Behind the fake smiles and the nice customer service we provide is the horrible sense of Reality. I have visited and stayed in many hotels and never in my life have I been as mean and soul-less as the awful guests we encounter each and every day. Even when I’m in the worst mood and nothing seems to be going right in my life, I still am not a total bitch to anybody who is just trying to do their job. I may not smile and be happy but I don’t scream and yell at them like they are children and know nothing. Especially when in reality our guests turn out to be the most naïve bunch of “know-it-alls”. They think they know what they’re talking about but in reality they don’t have a fucking clue as to what they are talking about. They continually talk in circles, like we didn’t hear you the first time bitch! Sometimes I wish I could politely say “would you mind please shutting the fuck up and trying to listen for once in your life!”  Oh and all of you who think anything in the hotel industry is guaranteed please get a clue! Nothing is!! Nothing!! Not the bed type, not the smoking preference, not even the specific type of room whether it’s a suite or an accessible room or a newly remodeled room, in the hard cold truth of reality the room itself is not even guaranteed! If we oversell too much guess what happens… the hotel will send you somewhere else. Yes it’s sad but it’s true, and yes it happens at all hotels.  All hotels have a goal to oversell to a certain percentage due to a percentage of guests who will cancel their reservations. They do this to get as close to 100% occupancy as possible. Yes, all of them do it.  For all of you who think that the hotels reserve specific rooms, let me just tell you most of them do not. If that is what you want then you better call around ahead of time and find out which hotels do that and stay there! It is all first come first serve. We don’t hold anything back from you so when you come in at midnight and all we have left is smoking, that really is all we have left. End of story. We can’t build a special room just for you. And even if we offered to do that you would complain about how long it would take. Moral of the story, take what you get and stop bitching, we can try to change your room in the morning but don’t be calling past regular check in time and think you will be honored a room change.  Also, people tend to complain about the lines, get over it!!! There are lines everywhere you go, you will never be able to get away from them, it is a part of life!!!  And another thing, don’t complain to me about the wait at the airport or how much of a dick the cab driver was because honestly I really don’t care and even if I did, there is nothing that I can do about it for you. We have no control of what goes on outside the hotel. For example, if you get a strip view don’t bother calling down to complain about the noise because there is nothing we can do about it, and 90% of you asked to be ON THE STRIP SIDE!!! WHY WOULD YOU THINK IT WOULD BE QUIET???? If you want a quiet room don’t come to Vegas!! Go to Laughlin!! There are nothing but old people there so it should be plenty quiet for you!!!  Anyways if you have any questions or comments feel free to add them!! Thank you for reading!! Stay tuned for some funny events next blog!!

Morrigan, Freyr, Bridget

Stop Talkin That Blah, Blah, Blah…

The Reality Of Working At A Las Vegas Hotel

Warning: There may be cursing in most or all blogs, you have been warned.

Hello everyone! If this is your first time reading this then I would like to personally welcome and thank you for stopping by. All events that will be described are true. I am not one to make up stories. I do love to write poetry and things like that and if you were to read some of my work you would see I only write of actual events that have occurred in my past. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my future entries and I also hope and believe that they will be somewhat if not extremely entertaining. Please feel free to add any comments or questions! Just to let you know I tend to be very direct, that is just how I am, deal with it.

I heart each and every one of you that read this!

I will be starting off with experiences from the past, either personal or ones that have been told to me. Whatever I can think of that I believe you may find interesting in some way I will write in here! And don’t worry, I’ll never run out of events to tell you!

Also I would like to let you know that I will be sharing this blog with two other people at this time, they will either write themselves or I will write the events they tell me about.


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