The Reality Of Working At A Las Vegas Hotel

Warning: There may be cursing in most or all blogs, you have been warned.

Hello everyone! If this is your first time reading this then I would like to personally welcome and thank you for stopping by. All events that will be described are true. I am not one to make up stories. I do love to write poetry and things like that and if you were to read some of my work you would see I only write of actual events that have occurred in my past. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my future entries and I also hope and believe that they will be somewhat if not extremely entertaining. Please feel free to add any comments or questions! Just to let you know I tend to be very direct, that is just how I am, deal with it.

I heart each and every one of you that read this!

I will be starting off with experiences from the past, either personal or ones that have been told to me. Whatever I can think of that I believe you may find interesting in some way I will write in here! And don’t worry, I’ll never run out of events to tell you!

Also I would like to let you know that I will be sharing this blog with two other people at this time, they will either write themselves or I will write the events they tell me about.


We Dance To Ke$ha In The Halls


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