Rooms are not free asshole!

Oh My Goddess!!! I am sooo tired of idiot/douche bags!!! Today we had another amazing event occur. Why is it that people who have a common name will only put their first and last names when they makes reservations, like they are the only ones that could be staying there? Add your middle initial or something!!! Yes, 9 times out of then the issue is that the agent just isn’t paying enough attention to the city or type of reservation ect, but help us out a little! Anyway, this uber-douche checked in and later we found out that there was more than one John Doe in the system who had the same arrival and departure dates, so we were unsure of who was really where. Later on, John Doe number one changes rooms. All is fine and dandy until we find out from hskp that uber-douche is occupying 2 rooms. Yes he changed rooms but he never moved out of the first one!! Thanks a lot! This created a rather large crisis. Bridget and I went to check two of the rooms and found that both were occupied. One room by a John Doe + Joe Doe, and the second by a John Doe + Sam Smith. After coming back from the room check I changed the room out and had Bridget go back and check the other room that was on the reservation. Bridget encountered John M Doe. She spoke to him and we found that Jane Bitch lost her dress during the room change and was bitching to Bridget endlessly (which we found out later that she was already told to go to security and report it by Freyr). Bridget reiterated once again, as we always have to do with our amazingly stupid guests, that she must go to security and report it. Jane Bitch had already come down to the desk just beforehand and was complaining about everything under the sun since the time she had checked in, up until now, to Freyr. She had, like a dumb-ass, left her dress in the previous room and somehow that was our fault, as usual. Another guest had already checked in to the old room which means housekeeping had gone and cleaned the room and if there was anything left behind it would be sent to security, which Freyr explained to Ms. Bitch. She continued to complain and kept saying that “she worked at a 5 star hotel” and “this shit would not fly” and Freyr continued to explain to her over and over again, because she apparently was hard of hearing, that she needed to go to security. Finally she twitched away as Freyr was still talking. Hopefully her swimsuit doesn’t disintegrate from her acidy spit when she talks. So now we find that both John Doe’s have room changed. Luckily through my uber-amazing research skills I found that John M. Doe actually completed his room change unlike uber-douche John Doe which is now occupying two rooms. And both of the additional names were on Douche Doe’s reservation. Hence, “uber-douche“. I called and spoke to John M Doe to verify the rooms he had visited and asked if he knew either of the additional names, and as I suspected he did not and was never in the other room that Douche Doe is occupying. So Freyr and I go back to the original room that uber-douche was in and verified the names as John “uber-douche” Doe and Sam Smith. I then spoke to the manager and upon his approval called Douche Doe and left a voicemail explaining that he will be charged $200+tx for the second reservation since he is occupying two rooms.

Morrigan, Bridget, Freyr


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